Monday, July 11, 2011

I freakin' love our kids!!

So, I was away for part of the day yesterday at an annual outreach that the church does here, and when I got home I had been missing my family. It's interesting how your outlook changes when you're away for a time, even a short time, so after we put the kids down last night, I was reminiscing on how much I love my kids, so I thought I'd let you in on how awesome my little ones are.

I love that Caleb sat at the dinner table last night, quoting Rio with Naomi... they went back and forth for 5 minutes quoting every line, word-for-word. And if I tried to cut in, I was corrected with the exact words that were spoken (my loose translation just wasn't good enough).

I love that Naomi "read" to Caleb last night for almost a half an hour... she definitely isn't quite reading yet, especially in English, but they've heard the stories enough that she was able to get through the books with the general concept, and Caleb just ate it up!

I love that Caleb asks me all the time when baby JellyBelly is coming, he's so excited to be a big brother and have a little baby around that he can love on.

I love that the kids are each other's best friends... well, at least most days :)

I love that Naomi's prayer last night was, "Jesus, thank you for mommy, daddy, Caleb, JellyBelly and everyone. And thank you that you came and died on a cross for us, even when you didn't have to." Neither Steve nor I had talked to her at all about this during the day. I just love when we get glimpses into our kids hearts and minds when they are praying - it's such a cool gift!

I love that both of our kids are just normal kids too... they get into trouble for fighting with each other and they can be selfish and manipulative, but overall I think they're pretty fabulous & I'm blessed that I get to be their mother. I'm thankful for this season of our lives when I can spend most of my time with them (although I can't say there aren't days when I want to get away for a little while) and I can't wait until the newest addition arrives, in just about 5 more weeks or so! We can't wait to meet you, little Jordan!

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  1. This makes me want to cry... I love your kids too! Teach how to raise kiddos like yours!